Yoga Meditation enables You to Survive Life's Crises Intact

Performing yoga consists of performing meditation, as well. These two activities had evolved over the millennium and share a mutual relationship. The beneficial results of meditation mentally, physically and spiritually are incorporated in yoga.

Yoga and Meditation Helps the Body

The following are just a few of the most obvious effects of yoga meditation on the body:

• a remarkable decrease in blood pressure and normalization of heart rate

• decrease in metabolic rate and of cortisol, the stress hormone

• lowering of cholesterol levels and easier breathing, very valuable especially for those with respiratory problems

• pain-managing endorphins are released, which lessens the occurrence of persistent pain

• the immune system is strengthened and you develop a guard against diseases

Your metabolism gets to be stabilized with yoga meditation; you get a better performing digestive system. You develop a lithe spine which will give your whole body enhanced power.

Yoga Meditation on Your Mind and Spirit

Regularly doing yoga meditation frees your mind and heightens your consciousness of things around you. In other words, you become physically, mentally and spiritually free from worry, tension or panic attacks. You carry a feel-good feeling a long time after you had done each posture and meditated, in silence or chanting a mantra.

Those who have made yoga a habit say their creativity is boosted, their memory sharpened and they note a blissful feeling. The tranquility settling in your mind and body at the end of your meditation is entirely unlike any other relaxation activity.

Doing Yoga Meditation

You can isolate yourself while doing yoga meditation or join other practitioners in a group session. What matters more when you choose where to do your yoga meditation is that it's a place where you 'd be at ease and it must be spacious enough for you to stretch your arms and legs. The less noise within the place you decide to do your yoga meditation, the better it would be for you to direct your mind to your meditation.

Your clothes must be loose and comfortable too. You won't be needing any particular instruments for it and the movements are quite easy to grasp and accomplish. It is best to do your yoga meditation barefooted and on a yoga mat. It is recommended that you invest in a yoga mat, but if you can’t afford one yet, a blanket or a big towel will do.

Yoga meditation instructors advise practicing yoga meditation in the morning, while your stomach is still unfilled. It's when your minds are still open and clear of any diversions.

As you do one posture and proceed to the next, you must make your breathing deep and measured. This is to multiply your oxygen which will enable you to extend longer. At the same time your mind is also pacified as you center your thoughts to your internal self and focus on your postures.

It is only yoga, among all exercises, that can lead you into more intense spirituality as it grows a part of your usual routine. The gains that your body receives from its customary practice lets you rise above the stress on your body and mind and will help you immensely in taking on anything life throws your way.

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