Yoga Can Help You Tower Above Your Friends

The past few decades saw a surge in the popularity of yoga in numerous countries worldwide. The benefits that are gained from yoga for general wellness, stress relief, peaceful state are the more accepted. Unknown to most, if not all practitioners and advocates, yoga can speed up upward growth! Otherwise, the number of current yoga practitioners would multiply several fold.

Yoga is turning out to be much more than getting or keeping the body shape and size of your dreams, even than bestowing rest and serenity in the hustle and bustle of today’s living. Yoga postures contain a great number of stretches and extensions, so the muscles of your spine and related areas of your body get to be prodded to limber up and grow upwards. The basic movements and the smooth movements for centering in yoga are the more widespread information on yoga. Regular performance produces flexibility and elasticity and the capability to control the body's breathing mechanisms. It is said (another not-commonly-known fact) that proper breathing, which is encouraged by yoga breathing and postures, helps the body grow upwards.

Frequent performance of yoga can cause visible difference in the body and speed up growth through the stretching and challenging postures.  All of these render a satisfied spine, one that has gained total assortment of movements.  This gives the body the resistance against the regular pull of gravity, which brings about a tightening of the spine. Which then deters upward growth.

The stretching actions of the different poses affect the spinal cartilage by thickening and making the joints longer. This adds to the general stature and maintains correct posture, which is essential in growing taller.

There are particular yoga postures that have this effect. The Sukhasana posture produces regulated breathing and toning for the hips and the lower spine. This is done on the floor with crossed legs, hands on top of knees.  Straighten your back and push your buttocks downward to the floor, at the same time bringing down your knees. Holding that position, inhale deeply 5 times, bringing arms up above the head. The arms are then lowered simultaneous with releasing the breath. Do this position repeatedly 5 to 7 times.

The Trikonasana is a bit more complicated, with legs 3 feet apart, the left foot rotated in a 90-degree angle toward the left arm and the right leg 45 degrees inward. With a deep breath the arms are raised to the side and exhale as the face is turned to look along the span of the left arm. This is followed by a deep inhalation and stretching towards the left ankle with left hip leaning down as much as possible. When you reach your limit, rotate both arms until you wind your left hand against your inner leg at your calf area, at the same time point your right arm upwards. Close this pose with deep breaths as you resume your erect position and exhale while you slowly bring down your arms.

These two are just among the particular postures in yoga that can enable one to gain more inches to one’s height without any drastic effects or complications.

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