Let Yoga Take You From Stress to Rest and Tranquility

Over-fatigued, drained and overcome by stress are the feelings that make you long for a remedy.

Yoga just might be the fountain of youth to rejuvenate you towards a positive frame of mind.

The all=around benefits from Yoga don't appear just out of the blue. You would have to work at it. As we had been taught in school, we must exercise regularly to avoid getting sick or having any health problems.

Yoga exercise includes stretching movements (asanas) that are able to loosen up the body,providing or adding to your body's flexibility, agility and power; breathing exercises (pranayama) that are meant to cleanse the body, ease the nerves and emotions; and directs your body to rest from tension and promotes a feeling of well-being.

There are also yoga groups that involve meditation and chanting.

Yoga effects so many good results on your body, soul and state of mind. The following are some of the greatest physical benefits that your body gets from regular yoga practice.

You get improved bearing from frequently doing yoga.  Doing the yoga movements consistently lets you notice your posture. The asanas, like the one called mountain pose or tadasana, work in tandem that makes you feel like standing tall and straight, heaving your chest and pulling back your shoulders.

Yoga limbers up your joints and ligaments and makes them supple.  Greater importance is put on the gentle body stretches and your regulating your inhale-exhale motions, with which yoga enables your muscles and joints to expand their movements more. The triangle pose is another asana and it allows the expansion and stretching of the whole side of your body with emphasis on the hip area.  The rock-the-baby pose, on the other hand, widens the outer area of the groin and relaxes the joints of the hips.

Your blood is enabled to circulate easier and more smoothly through your whole body. The sun salutation asana motivates your blood and energy to travel smoothly and easily all through your body.

Yoga has a tranquilizing effect on your nerves.  Constantly doing yoga stimulates your parasympathetic nerves, which system facilitates your relaxing and slowing down and rest.

Yoga also gives your internal organs a good cardiovascular exercise. Postures like Seated spinal twist bring fresh oxygen to your internal organs.

The lateral twisting postures take nourishment to the base of the spinal nerves and the sympathetic nervous system causing greater elasticity to your spine.

Yoga supports the enhancement of your breathing.  The breathing exercises in yoga teaches you correct breathing with your entire breathing mechanism.  Your vitality is heightened by the enhanced respiration.

Thus you can learn to appreciate the physical and bodily gains from yoga practice? When you're hale and healthy you are energetic and full of life.

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