Let Yoga Rid You of Depression and Its Symptoms

We get to hear, at one time or another, that dealing with depression is as easy as taking on a new exercise routine. We are told that exercises, among them yoga, biking, brisk walking or jogging, can take us out of depression. We get to be told that (sometimes disparagingly) so many times that we can’t help but wonder – is this the opinion of the ones who like to say that? Or are these statements founded on solid scientific research that shows exercise being that big a help for those suffering from depression?

In reality, there have been considerable research affirming exercises like yoga (and other forms) to be one way of curing depression. The Department of Health and Human Services published, in 2008, the Summary of the Physical Activity Guidelines which confirms the truth in the various researches proving that regular "exercisers" have adapted a more upbeat perspective and reported an abatement of their depression symptoms.

You must also be careful in choosing the type of exercise that you will go into. The types of exercise popularized for their capacity to promote healing are classified from moderately challenging to light physical activity, aerobic exercises among those, said to combine the variables for strength.  Consistent practice of yoga is reportedly one of the most effective treatments of depression.

Various studies state that yoga is therapeutic for one's emotional wellness and treats depression as well. Some of the validating data presented shows the levels of cortisol (a primary stress hormone) in the bloodstream drop after doing a yoga routine. A more recent confirmation of yoga's power is the diminishing of serotonin levels.

A 2009 evaluation study of 54 participants before and after 2 weeks of yoga performance was compared against each other. The results reveal 64% of the participants' mood disturbances went down and 53% said their depression symptoms had decreased.

A popular writer on yoga states that yoga works for depression healing by taking the focus of the mind away from the negative thoughts towards the activity itself. She further recommends the breathing exercises of yoga to cure depression. Exercises like these move the vague nerve, the one nerve said to lower one's depression symptoms. A sample technique for yoga breathing is alleged to effect as high as 73% reversal of major depressions.

Researches conducted and advice from yoga mentors assert the effectiveness of yoga in diminishing depression and raising the emotional mood to the positive. It is not any specific technique that is crucial as much as what you are most comfortable in. A yoga expert recommends finding a yoga mentor who can “make you feel, when you walk out the door, like your life has changed in that moment. And you are renewed and full of life.”

Newcomers to yoga are cautioned against rashly changing their currently prescribed medicines. You would be told to continue with regular yoga for at least 9 months, regardless of any positive results immediately after, before considering giving up your currently-prescribed anti-depressants.

Consult with your doctor and search out a yoga mentor who can direct you out of your depression. Let yoga rid you of your present blues up to forever!

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