Greater Physical Health Edges by Uniting Yoga with Your Weights Training Program

How can we best maximize the benefits of exercise - doing them one-by-one, or combining or integrating them? Read on, and let's find out together.

For centuries, Yoga has been done by people wanting to achieve optimum physical fitness and spiritual balance. It is an activity with such compelling force because of its complete methodology towards synchronizing mind and body, coupled with particular concentration on breathing styles.

The monks in olden times practiced Yoga to acquire physical discipline and spiritual balance. Yoga as practiced in recent decades aims for the same goal.  This is an age of extreme stress placed on people by daily social, professional and economic pressures and Yoga has been experienced to grant mental/emotional and physical relief. It has been felt more strongly by people in urban areas, where Yoga has allowed them to manage and minimize their daily stresses and keep healthy at the same time.

In the last century, Weights Training, a forceful exercise, was developed. It is directed towards making the body healthier, toning muscles and eliminating unnecessary fat. People enroll in weights training programs to gain health and feel healthy at the same time.

Now there would be people who would want toned muscles, shed off unwanted fat and at the same time get spiritual/emotional balance. Would blending these two types of exercises be feasible and grant the same results?

This isn't actually something new in the United States. As early as the latter part of the 1940s, Yoga was done in conjunction with weights training. There was a weights trainer who successfully integrated yoga poses with the use of weights. He applied the breathing methods of Yoga to weight lifting routines.

This method produced a new form of yoga, which now carries the name of Weight Yoga.

When yoga postures are done in conjunction with the use of weights, our bodies are directed not just to breathing, stretching and physical development but to a general wellness. This new type has upgraded traditional Yoga and basic weights training; a practitioner acquires both force and harmony.

How are these two types of exercises done?  Usually, first-timers have 1 to 5-pound weights fastened to their wrists and ankles. These weights may not seem a lot but would challenge a first-timer. Your body is driven to exert more effort because of the focus is on gaining power on top of the stretching. In just a couple of minutes, you will feel the difference.

Success in this integrated exercise doesn't come in just days or even weeks. But once you get the hang of this combination, you will be more comfortable and be able to perform it better and gain more strength. This integration assures utmost gains for your body. It will feel the difference.

If you're still unfamiliar with Yoga, it's best for you to join some classes to be acquainted with the poses and routines. When you feel you're ready for a challenge, you can go into weights yoga. As you proceed with this type, your body becomes healthier and stronger.

Just remember that it's the same with all forms of exercises - you must be consistent in your performance to receive the optimum effects. Your body's growth from weak to strong, ill to healthy would be gradual. It's a continuing process which you must not rush. After about a month of regular practice, you'll be able to experience and observe your physical, emotional and mental improvements.

See, now you can scoff at the naysayers about combining yoga and weights. It is the ideal combination to get an intensive physical work out and a comprehensive transformation.

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